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Client Spotlight: Western Prairie

When Grant County Social Services and Pope County Human Services began to navigate their journey to merge, forming Western Prairie Human Services, it wasn’t without challenges, particularly when it came to technology. Western Prairie found itself with two EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems). These EDMS had different functionalities, minimal workflows, and made it difficult to coordinate and collaborate during and after the merge. They knew quickly that their complicated technology ecosystem would not be sustainable and began looking for a new system that could not only support this merger, but promote efficiency and positive outcomes for the new agency.

Replacing multiple disparate systems poses significant challenges, demanding considerable resources and meticulous planning. Therefore, ensuring that you’re investing in the right solution is crucial. It's not just about addressing current issues; it's about selecting a solution that adds value by streamlining processes, enhancing collaboration, and improving efficiency. This ensures that the investment not only resolves immediate problems but contributes to long-term success and growth.

Enter CaseWorks by NCT – a comprehensive solution that not only met Western Prairie's immediate needs but aligned with their long-term goals. The journey from separate systems to a unified, streamlined platform required time to implement, but the benefits far outweighed the initial challenges.

For the new agency one of the standout features of CaseWorks was its robust functionality and workflow options. Additionally, the integration with SSIS (Social Services Information System) proved to be a game-changer. CaseWorks’ versatility played a major role in facilitating the smooth transition and merger of the two agencies. When talking about CaseWorks, Stacy Hennen from Western Prairie said that NCT, “clearly had put in a lot of work with the states,” in the development of the solution. She added that they really appreciated the way in which these efforts translated to the solution’s practical functionality.

"NCT clearly had put in a lot of work with the states."
- Stacy Hennen, Western Prairie Human Services

The impact of CaseWorks rippled across various teams within Western Prairie. Not long after implementation, the feedback from frontline workers was overwhelmingly positive. They said that they were grateful to have access to everything they needed in one place and to be free from paper files. Now they were able to bring mobile devices (tablets & iPhones) into the field and access their cases and workflows which streamlined their in-person case management activities.

Document upload capabilities with CaseWorks made major improvements across the agency but were particularly impactful for Eligibility. These features expedited application processing and enhanced convenience for clients, underscoring the transformative power of streamlined documentation and task management. Eligibility workers have said that the workflows within CaseWorks are indispensable, enabling them to efficiently manage larger caseloads, something that previously would have been impossible.

Beyond streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency, CaseWorks is playing a pivotal role in improving client outcomes. By reducing paperwork and administrative burden, workers are able to devote more time to meaningful interactions with families, ultimately ensuring that clients receive the support they need to thrive. Ms. Hennen stated, “My staff unanimously agreed that this was a good move. CaseWorks helps them do their job better and serve people faster.”

"My staff unanimously agreed that this was a good move. CaseWorks helps them do their job better and serve people faster."
- Stacy Hennen, Western Prairie Human Services

Central to the success of CaseWorks was NCT's commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Hennen emphasized that their willingness to collaborate and adapt the solution based on user feedback exemplified their dedication to supporting agencies like Western Prairie. She specifically noted that features such as integrated e-signature and a resource library were added post-implementation, which for her, demonstrated NCT's responsiveness to evolving needs and challenges.

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In essence, the journey of Western Prairie Human Services with CaseWorks exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative technology in the realm of social services. By embracing a solution tailored to their unique needs, Western Prairie not only navigated the challenges of their merger seamlessly but enhanced their ability to deliver high-quality, client-centered services and support. As they continue to evolve and grow, Western Prairie’s journey with CaseWorks stands as a testament to the power of technology in driving positive change in the lives of those they serve.

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