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Our CaseWorks enterprise workflow automation and document management software streamlines the case workflow processes for local, state, & tribal nations Health and Human Services teams so they can efficiently connect their communities to the care they need.

CaseWorks continuous delivery approach means our product evolves with you, so your team is always prepared to meet today's needs and anticipate tomorrow's challenges. 

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When we focus on the process, we free you to focus on the heartbeat of your work—the people in your community


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CaseWorks Product Overview

CaseWorks solves today's problems and anticipates tomorrow's needs.

Watch our overview video to learn how CaseWorks' purpose-built features equip your Health and Human Services team for success.

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4,000 Hours

Just one CaseWorks feature saves Kandiyohi County 4,000 hours per year.

Save Time, Money,
and Headaches

“I really love using CaseWorks and I mean that. I have been here 25 years and this one tool would have saved me tons of time back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the parking lot.”

Nadine Evans – Kandiyohi County

Editions For Every Program Area


Financial Services

Helps Eligibility Workers administer public assistance programs for food, cash, childcare, and emergency programs.

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Child Support

Assists Child Support Offi-cers as they help custodial parents navigate the court system to win child support judgements & facilitate en-forcement of those judge-ments.

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Social Services

Supports Social Workers and Case Managers as they pro-tect vulnerable people from harm or abuse, help people live independently, and license homes and facilities to provide further care.

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Supports Healthcare Eligibility Workers as they help citizens apply for health- care assistance & determine eligibility for assistance.

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Assists Accounting Techni-cians as they process pay-ments for Health and Human Services.

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Supports Employment Coun-selors as they guide unem-ployed citizens through career training and the job application process.

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