CaseWorks ConnectTM

Human services professionals and caseworkers are there for their clients when they need them most - and at times that means caseworkers need to go into the field and interact directly with their clients and their families. While the NCT CaseWorksTM platform provides document management and workflow automation when caseworkers are in the office - NCT CaseWorksTM Connect provides secure access to important casefile information and documents via an iPhone or iPad in the field.

Hands Holding iPhone with NCT CaseWors Connect on it and Green NCT Logo

CaseWorksTM Connect is an innovative mobile application and solution that helps caseworkers and human services organizations better serve their communities when in the field. This innovative mobile solution for health and human services integrates with the CaseWorksTM platform to provide unencumbered access to important documents and gives caseworkers the ability to record, photograph, take notes, complete forms, and more with the CaseWorksTM Connect iOS Mobile App.

What Are the Features of CaseWorks Connect

iOS App for iPhone and iPad

The current iteration of CaseWorksTM Connect is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices to give caseworkers access to important information in the field.

Access to Standard CaseWorksTM Features

With CaseWorksTM Connect on a mobile device, caseworkers have access to ALL standard CaseWorksTM features to include online documents and document sharing, eSignature capabilities, document routing, and auto-fill forms.

Multi-Program Support

CaseWorksTM Connect provides DocType and workflow support for caseworkers and human services professionals in a variety of programs that include Adult Services and Children’s Services.

Case Notes in the Field

Caseworkers can use the CaseWorksTM Connect Mobile App to view historical case notes and to dictate or type new case notes while in the field.

Single Device Capability

With CaseWorksTM Connect on an iPhone or iPad, caseworkers have complete access to everything they need to serve their clients on a single mobile device - no need for a laptop, phone, AND tablet in the field.


Caseworkers may need to be more discreet in the field and the CaseWorksTM Connect Mobile App can be used more discreetly within a family setting.

Real-Time Updates

CaseWorksTM Connect employs a direct interface that provides real-time updates and information to caseworkers in the field.

Mobile Access to Case Files

Provides mobile access to case file workgroup documents and case documents that are associated with the case via CaseWorksTM Connect.

Collect Audio and Visual Information

The CaseWorksTM Connect Mobile App allows caseworkers in the field to record audio, record video, and take photos in the field that can be quickly uploaded to CaseWorksTM.

Edit Mobile Forms

CaseWorksTM Connect gives caseworkers access to important forms via the mobile app with the ability to generate and edit the forms they need.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Security

The ultimate safeguard for your digital assets. With cyber threats on the rise, securing your accounts has never been more critical. Our MFA adds an extra layer of protection by requiring multiple forms of verification before granting access.

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