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Adult and Aging Team saves 30-40 minutes per assessment with CaseWorks


Serving the Most Vulnerable

Washington County's large 75-person Social Services team needed efficiency and intuitive features to help navigate the complex eligibility process for their most vulnerable citizens. Prior to adopting CaseWorks, their team processed cases solely on paper. Paper processing required hours of tedious data entry, time in the car acquiring and shuffling cases from office-to-field-to-office, and agonizingly slow postal mail collaboration for form completion.

While their team worked tirelessly to serve their citizens with excellence, the overwhelming workload often suffered setbacks, including HIPAA concerns, lost paper documents, and missing signatures that added weeks to the back-and-forth process.

Reducing time and hurdles

In 2017, the NCT team's smooth onboarding process confirmed that choosing CaseWorks was the right decision, even for wary digital novices on the team.

During the last 5 years of partnering with NCT, Washington County has particularly loved the continuous development of "phenomenal" strategies and features to meet their needs: DHS eDocuments automatically update in CaseWorks, the flow between SSIS and CaseWorks is "beautiful and fairly flawless," permissions and access, case transfers and file transfers, communication between case managers and assessors. 

In the complex eligibility process, where one assessment can take 8+ hours to complete, CaseWorks organizes and streamlines communication for the myriad of forms and documents needed to activate services for vulnerable clients.

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CaseWorks Benefits

  Case File Tansfer

Files and forms can be easily shared and transferred across teams, units & among counties that use CaseWorks. 

  Continuous Development

NCT offers exceptional support through onboarding, ticketing & ongoing User groups


Clients and attorneys can digitally sign forms for immediate turn-around

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