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Child Support Solution Outpaces Competitors in Function & Support

Faribault-Martin County, MN had already invested in EDMS software,  but the minimally supported onboarding process spurred their switch to CaseWorks.

Disappointing Investment

Faribault-Martin County Child Support wanted to increase their capacity to serve citizens with excellence and ease. The vendor offered to develop a new enterprise tool specifically for their county! The process resulted in their team spending many hours in discovery and were left to coordinate integration with vendors and the State of Minnesota on their own.

While the final product did improve their document management, it did not include automatic updates, necessitating regular screen scraping and cumbersome manual updates. After only a few months, they were already looking at another solution.

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Promises & More Delivered

When the county Financial Services Unit announced they were switching to CaseWorks, the Child Support team jumped at the chance to upgrade simultaneously. Their team immediately appreciated the seamless onboarding. NCT not only facilitated the discovery process with clear, purposeful communication, they also helped navigate the policy change requirements with reminders, key contacts, and SMIs.

"The support from the whole NCT team has been excellent —we heard about it from other counties, but now we’ve seen it lived out. It’s truly heads and shoulders above the rest. One of my team members will submit a ticket and almost immediately get a response. And the NCT team is always so kind and helpful." - Lori Porter, Child Support Supervisor

Now that CaseWorks Child Support Edition is live, the All Purpose Navigation bar is a team favorite feature—enabling client/case lookup, scanning, and form generation in one place. Additionally, they love that CaseWorks' automatic updates have made screen scraping a thing of the past. 

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  • Automatic Updates

    CaseWorks integrates with the county system-of-record and automatically updates data

  • Ongoing support

    NCT offers exceptional support through onboarding, ticketing & ongoing User groups

  • Collaboration

    Files and forms can be easily shared and transferred across teams, units & among counties that use CaseWorks.


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