CaseWorks Financial Services Edition helps Eligibility Workers administer public assistance programs for food, cash, childcare, and emergency programs so that the people in your community can thrive.

All CaseWorks editions  include the full suite of purpose-built standard features


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Casefile Tab

Casefile Tabs to to easily view relevant Healthcare and Workforce Edition documents

Automated Notifications

Scan and send notification to Healthcare edition for particular DocTypes

Configurable Workflows

Configurable workflows to support case banking, individual case ownership, priority documents, routing rules and more!

File Transfer

Transfer case documents easily & organize effectively among or across teams


Internal eSignature for Case Workers and external eSignature for citizens

Document Support

Supports Child Care Assistance Documents, Cost Effective Insurance, Childcare Provider files and Asset Assessment files

Auto-fill Forms and Packets

CaseWorks creates a library of forms and packets tailored to each county that can be generated and auto-filled by system-integrated data


Scan once, and CaseWorks automatically sends copies of relevant documents to case owners across HHS units

“I’ve been here for 20 years and I’ve never had service like this. You guys are awesome! CaseWorks Support is the best in the business!”