We haven’t lost a customer in 15 years.

That’s not an exaggeration. We’re incredibly proud of our 100% customer retention rate. Many companies say they’re dedicated to customer success, but we’ve got 15 years of happy customers proving we are.


“Customer service is so much quicker and easier with CaseWorks! Rather than searching for documents and leaving messages for workers in other offices, I can access what I need while the client is still on the phone.”

We do one thing very well, help Health and Human Services teams automate document processes to improve caseload capacity, cut costs, and eliminate errors. Our CaseWorks technology evolves with the needs of our customers, their people, and their processes. Our intense focus on Health and Human Services teams is what keeps CaseWorks fresh and our customers smiling.
If you’re looking for purpose-built technology to automate your Health and Human Services document processes, we’re going to get along nicely. Click that link below to schedule a demo and let’s show you what’s possible with CaseWorks.