Our Social Services Edition has the standard features our clients love, but it’s also got these exclusive features as well.

Supports Child Protection/Child Welfare, Adult Services, and Licensing units;
  • iOS Mobile app allows workers to generate forms, record audio and video files, take photos, gather signatures, record voice to text dictation, review relevant case documents in the field, and sync files when they return to the office.
  • PC laptop/desktop solution has all our standard features including auto-fill forms and packets, as well as integrated eSignature functionality; county attorney specific functionality; and a host of other features to support case managers manage documents.
  • Casefile Tab to view case or workgroup documents
  • Casefile Tab to view associated case documents
  • Supports Adult Services, Children’s Services and Licensing DocTypes and workflows
  • Request Case Access — logs requests for case documents from workers who don’t have direct access

“Being able to pull up my case files in court or while meeting with clients has been invaluable!”