Our Financial Services Edition comes packed with our standard features as well as these timesavers lifesavers built for financial services.

  • Auto-fill forms and packets
  • Priority DocTypes
  • Supports case banking or individual case ownership
  • Transfer case documents easily and orderly
  • Appointments and appointment history
  • Routing Rules based on DocTypes
  • Casefile Tab to view Healthcare (METS) documents
  • Casefile tab to view Client Workforce One Documents
  • Automatic Notifications — Scan and send notification to Healthcare (METS) edition for particular DocTypes
  • Priority case status & flagged documents
  • Supports case documents for all Financial Assistance program areas including SNAP, TANF, CCAP, and more.
  • Supports Child Care Assistance Documents
  • Supports Cost Effective Insurance
  • Supports Childcare Provider files
  • Supports Asset Assessment files

“I’ve been here for 20 years and I’ve never had service like this. You guys are awesome! CaseWorks Support is the best in the business!”